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Why?  Developing a project from an abstract idea to a concrete reality is the most rewarding experience I know. Whether making art, curating, directing art projects, or writing, I'm dedicated to that creative process. 

What I do and why

After many years of working on the organizational side of art, I have recently picked up my own art practice again, and work daily in my studio in Ghent, Belgium.

In the summer of 2022, I founded Ti-Pi Art Space in Ghent, where I curate exhibitions and host visiting artists.

I'm also heading the artists residency program at the Albers Foundation where I (from the Foundation's Paris office) am committed to upholding Anni's and Josef's Bauhaus-based values and sharing their devotion to art.

I truly love abstraction. Not only in art, but as a way of looking at life around us. Allowing the eyes to gaze for a little longer than usual allows the meaning of the work to open itself up in novel ways. It encourages viewers to reject quick definitions and instead welcome the complexities that are inherently a part of life while accepting the possibility that many truths may exist at the same time.

Whether organizing exhibitions of other artists or crafting my own artwork, I want to encourage that way of looking. Art can help us away from our addiction to being constantly distracted, and inspire us to look at a slower pace and reflect on a deeper level.

With my drawings and collage paintings, I aim to mix formal minimalism with imaginative openness, and explore the relationships of controlled structure and open-ended randomness. I think of it like a ballet: simple and disciplined at first glance with underlying layers of complexity discovered after a closer look.


Exhibitions & residencies

December, 2023

Art For Christmas, Ghent 

Sept / Oct / Nov, 2023

Residency at Stichting BAD, Rotterdam

October, 2023

Participation in Belgian Art and Design Fair, Ghent

October, 2023

Interactive installation at NDSM Open, Amsterdam

August - September, 2023

Group exhibition at Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam

June - August 2023

Group exhibition at exhibition CODE at Ding / Designmuseum Ghent 

April - August 2023

Group exhibition at FUSE NDSM, Amsterdam

February, 2023

Group exhibition at Atelier de Vertus, Paris

January, 2023

Solo exhibition at de Bouwput, Amsterdam

July, 2022

Exhibiting at This Art Fair, Amsterdam

Spring, 2022

Residency at World of Co (online residency)

​January–February, 2018

Residency period at The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Connecticut, USA

August, 2016

Group exhibition Cabane Georgina, Marseille, France

January–February, 2016

Residency period at Thread, Sinthian, Senegal

August–December, 2016

Residency period at 59 Rivoli, Paris

August, 2015

Group exhibition Electrons libres, 59 Rivoli, Paris


March, 2014

Group exhibition Memory of Color, by Augusta Atla and Vingt Paris, Belleville, Paris

September 27–30, 2013

Group exhibition AIM, The Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

September 1– 20, 2013

Solo exhibition The Most Common Word L’Atelier des Vertus, Paris, France, 

August 10–21, 2013

Solo exhibition dis/Appearance, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, Finland

May 16–19, 2013

Art fair Art Athina, Athens, Greece 

April 20, 2013

Trajector Intermezzo, Brussels, Belgium 

February, 2013

Supermarket Art fair, Stockholm, Sweden

experience, selected projects

September, 2023

Ideas of Something Vivid

Group exhibition featuring works by Jonas Vanderbeke, Jelle Spruyt, and Toon Jans.

Ti-Pi, Ghent

May, 2023

Plain, Simple Things
Solo exhibition featuring work by Elke-Andreas Boon

Ti-Pi, Ghent

February, 2023

Colors I Remember 

Solo exhibition by Delphine Cuelenaere

Ti-Pi, Ghent

December, 2022

Art For Christmas 

Cocurated with Femke Vandenbosch and Thomas Renwart,

Ti-Pi, Ghent

September, 2022

Marlon Wobst, Ghent Feltings

Ti-Pi, Ghent

June, 2022

The Most Sunny Hour of Your Night

Ti-Pi, Ghent

November, 2019

Roger da Silva photos from 1950's and 60's Senegal

AKAA Art Fair, Paris

October 2019

Duo exhibition with Silvia Rosi and Annie-Marie Akussah at 1-54 London. 

Winter 2017

Exhibition design for the exhibition "Anni Albers: A Touching Vision", curated by Manuel Cirauqui at Guggenheim, Bilbao

February, 2013

Devils in Disguise
, Christophe Beauregard 

Transient Projects to People, Paris

Workshops and lectures

Collage workshops in 2023:

I gave Color and collage workshops in collaboration with "I Amsterdam" and Treehouse NDSM, as well as an open drop-in workshop in public space, as part of a neighborhood engagement event in Amsterdam Noord. 

Lecture/presentation: students from St. Joost School of Art & Design visited my art studio in October 2023.

Collage workshops
2021/2022: A series of several collage workshops based on the teaching of Josef Albers. The workshops were organized by Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and took part inside and outside the museum; in homeless people's shelters, prisons, etc, as part of the museum's outreach program

The basics of weaving​

2021/2022: A series of several basic weaving workshops based on the work of Anni Albers. The workshops were organized by Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and took part inside and outside the museum; in homeless people's shelters, prisons, etc, as part of the museum's outreach program


I initiated and developed the concept and structure of this online platform to share the teachings of Anni and Josef Albers with children and their parents during the COVID lockdowns.

Lecture/presentation about the meaning of going to an artist residency program,

ENSAD school of design, September 2021

Lecture/presentation of the projects of the NGO Le Korsa and the art classes program I initiated to take place in Senegal. At École W, University for journalism, communication, and business studies, Paris, October, 2021.

1:54 art fair 2019

Moderation of a talk between Silvia Rosi and Annie-Marie Akussah

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