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Double Truth by Vico Persson_edited.jpg

Double Truth is a new series of collage works exploring the idea of physical reality versus AI-generated realities. 

For the Coupé Collage exhibiition at Design Museum Ghent, I have investigated the parallel existence of physical objects versus their AI-generated potential online counterparts.

By using the keywords and description (translated from Dutch to English with AI) with which the design objects are archived online, I have created parallel photos of AI-imagined objects. These AI-objects have been cut out and glued on top of the photo of the actual object, in order to create physical collages with compositions that look at once natural and slightly abnormal, and which combine these two realities (the "real" and the "AI" reality) and make them interact. Ultimately the idea is to explore the concept of artificial copies in relation to the uniqueness of real objects. And to pose the question: if everything was lost and no physical objects were left, what would our depicted (design) legacy look like? 

While these 5 works are made specifically for the exhibition at the Design Museum in Ghent, I'm currently working on more side-avenues of the Double Truth series, exploring other objects, architecture and nature. 

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